Sep 272010

Dear readers,

I would like to announce something new for my personal blog. First of all, I have decided to continue my blog mostly in English. Although, I am publishing my personal thoughts and impressions for friends and family, I do have friends, who do not speak German. I didn’t spend much time in Germany during the last 10 years, so I guess English is the choice for now.

With this blog, I want to share my experiences in different parts of the world. I am doing this mostly with and through pictures. Some time ago, I got a Leica M8 Camera. I am carrying this wonderful, solid piece of German craftsmanship in its classic design with me all the time – every day, and wherever I go…

The result is, that I take snapshots wherever I am. For me it is a good way to have a visual diary. It is a way to express what happens in my life. For my friends and my family it is a good way to stay in contact, when I am again working in some other country. Anyway, hopefully, these images are able to speak for themselves, they should not need a lot of writing.

The focus of my pictures is of my personal interest and in my field of work as an architect and urban designer. Therefore they are somehow related to urban life and people and food and travel.

And they are very stronlgy related to photograhpy as an artform and as a way to communicate

Falk K.