Mai 302014

herbal gardening in kitchen window.

also shot with Leica M 240 and Noctilux 1.0
The Noctilux is a special lens. Most of the times, I am just using my 35 ‚Lux. I prefer the angle of the 35. But the photos with the Noctilux have much more special feeling.


Mai 132014

Manche Strassenszenen aus dem Film „Her“ sind in Pudong Shanghai enstanden. Der Protagonist läuft hier auf diesen Fussgängerbrùcken herum, die sich um den Apple-Store und den alten Fernsehturm in Shanghai erstrecken. Da ich da gerade war und dieses neue hohe Hochhaus fotografiert hatte, kam mir die Gegend doch bekannt vor. Shanghai stellt also wohl für den Director of Photography des Films die Zukunftsversion von Los Angeles dar.


Shanghai 2014

Shanghai 2014

Mai 122014

… whenever I come to a different city, I try to get some free time and walk around in the neighborhood. Here in Shanghai, I’ve been picked up by a driver from the airport, who brought me to the hotel. By the time, I arranged my stuff, it was dark outside. But I had a free evening, since meetings should begin the next day. So I grabbed my camera and went outside to explore the area – and try to find some noodle soup.

It does not matter how late it is. There are plenty of street-side restaurants serving some delicious soup all night long.