1 Juli 2022

Ukraine Xed out – a fund-raiser project for help in Ukraine.

In 2012 I lived and worked in L’viv / Lemberg in Ukraine. I just came back from a few years living in China, so my new home-base Lemberg was my first European home after more than 10 years of absence. I loved it. People seemed so proud of their democratic achievements and their long history. People are kind, food is great, their cultural identification as a modern democratic nation is strong, their historic architecture is wonderful. I got new friends there. And one of my former colleagues is now organizing help. I donate, and I am supporting her with my fund-raising project.

For the fund-raiser I prepared a video clip. The photos here are stills from that video. I created 8 live recordings of this video. These 8 life-recordings are available as NFTs. They can be purchased. Buyers will get the NFT plus a special box with an USB-Stick containing the clip and small prints of the photos. All photos can also be purchased in high-quality photo prints with acrylic glass on alu. 20 % of the purchase will be donated to my contacts in Ukraine.

For more info please don’t hesitate to contact me under: